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About Drena B

As a Woman, Mother, Life Coach, and Business Owner, Drena has mastered experience in the field of customer relations, student relations, hospitality, beauty, fashion, finance, marketing. products, and sales to name a few. Drena has had the opportunity to connect with thousands of people who share the same common ideology of life. The idea of loving, nurturing, and caring for those they love, but still trying to remain whole.


After hearing so many stories, Drena identified the common lack that many people have in their personal and business life, and that’s Self Love. Not that we as individuals don’t love ourselves, but we tend to give so much to others throughout life that we forget to nurture our mind, body, and soul. Self-Love is so important on our journey of life, as we cannot fully give love if we are not fully in love with ourselves. No matter what goals a person is trying to achieve, the process starts with self-love, self-development, self-belief, and mindset. Drena has a passion for motivating others and seeing them prevail through life challenges and reaching their goals.

A few words of advice Drena would like to share is to NEVER GIVE UP! Each one of us is destine for greatness. It's up to us to align ourselves with our purpose and to master it.  It starts with loving yourself (Self Love), choosing what's best for you, and not being afraid to walk in your light, which will guide you to your destiny.  

Partner with Drena, to help shift your mindset and reach your greatest potential in achieving your dreams and goals by becoming the best you on your life journey.

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